Friday, 22 October 2010


Greatly saddened to read that Arianna Forster (aka Ari-Up) passed away on Wednesday after a battle with cancer. Ari is justifiably highly regarded for her time with The Slits who were one of the best of the British punk bands. I first encountered The Slits in the '70s at a small club, after hearing a session of their music on the late, great John Peel's radio show. Of course, their debut album "Cut" was eagerly anticipated and did not disappoint, emerging as one of the very best slices of vinyl of the decade. Later, I was lucky enough to see The Slits supporting The Clash at Derby's Kings Hall in '78, and the presence of Budgie on drums helped elevate their performance into something truly special

Ari had real stage presence; something you are born with and not something to be cultivated. Ian Curtis, Joe Strummer, Iggy, Pete Murphy, Siouxsie, John Lydon... they all had that certain something and like them, Arianna was absolutely mesmerising to watch.
Now, she's free from pain and doubtless enjoying a drink with dear old Joe in that great bar upstairs.
Thanks for some great music and wonderful memories.