Tuesday, 30 October 2007


The Mario Bava Collection Volume 2 arrived today, all the way from the US.

Thanks to DVD Pacific for getting to it to me so quickly. I've had a busy day off work today and it's late now so I think I'll start checking out the contents tomorrow. Of course, it's October 31st tomorrow and my wife and I plan to watch John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN after I get done with work tomorrow evening. This may seem a predictable choice of film, but it was a particular favourite of my wife and I before we met and we've never watched this film together. After we've dealt with Myers and co, I think some Bava would be a good choice and BARON BLOOD will perfectly suit such an occasion. Whatever you're doing or viewing, enjoy your evening.


  1. Glad it arrived for you...I have been enjoying the hell out of mine. Just listened to Tim's commentary on BAY OF BLOOD last night and am thinking on which one I will watch this evening...it's a great set. I hope they keep em coming...

  2. Thanks, Jeremy. It really is an incredible set, and a third volume would be great.