Sunday, 18 November 2007


Fast approaching its 25th anniversary, Michael Mann's 1983 film THE KEEP remains unavailable on DVD. Paramount Pictures hold the rights to this film but, according to Anchor Bay UK's Marc Morris, have no plans for a release and are unwilling to sub-licence this title.

THE KEEP appears to have as many detractors as fans, with those based in the former camp preferring F. Paul Wilson's novel to the film. In Mann's defence, it has to be said that the released 97 minute cut wasn't to his liking and rumours of a Director's Cut running between 3 - 4 hours certainly stimulate the imagination.

January 26th 2008 will see the resurrection of this film via a one-off screening at The Prince Charles Cinema on London's Leicester Square. In consultation with Paramount Pictures, the evening will commence with the screening of a brand new 35mm print of this film, followed by a Q & A session with cast and crew and a discussion relating to the missing footage. Fans are promised that the cinema's interior will be decorated to resemble the Keep's interior and there will be a full-size Molosar on the loose. I've been to The Prince Charles on several occasions, and they pull out all the stops to ensure special events are even more special. Of course, the vast majority of KEEP buffs will be unable to attend this event, but its significance may well surface in the near future. Perhaps Paramount's interest has been rekindled? We can but hope that a DVD release is not too far away. THE KEEP was available on CIC video here in the UK and on Laserdisc in the US. Can't remember the last time it played on TV here, so with that anniversary on the horizon, what better time for its DVD debut? I'd say it deserves a second chance in a longer version.

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