Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Today sees the start of my latest poll, and this time it's music related. I've seen most of these bands play live, and have a good number of albums which reflect that Manchester has spawned more than their fair share of awesome bands. To be honest, I'm hard pushed to decide who to vote for as the likes of The Smiths, The Buzzcocks, Oasis and The Fall have long been favourites of mine. Maybe I'll plump for Joy Division later on as this band will be featured on a special blog to tie in with the DVD release of CONTROL. I'm sure there are a few groups I've left out, so leave me a message if your own choice is missing and I'll add it so you can vote.


  1. Wow what a hard poll. I voted for Oasis just because of how much they have meant to me personally.

  2. Good choice with Oasis. I'm struggling big-time here, and keep switching from JD, to The Fall to Magazine etc. Always loved The Stone Roses, too. Think JD may well get my vote later this week. Thanks for voting.