Sunday, 20 April 2008


Just over 2 weeks ago, Channel 4 screened the final episode of THE SOPRANOS. To my eternal shame, I'd never watched this series before the sixth and final season. It was just another series I'd never got round to catching, even though snippets of reviews suggested it would probably turn out to be something I'd enjoy. My wife was pretty much in the same boat, although she never had access to it during her life in America as she couldn't afford cable subscription. When I learned that Channel 4 were going to screen the final season, I suggested we watch it and and at least begin to get to know the characters with a view to possibly picking up the entire series on DVD as and when we could afford to. It's good to report that we both love the show, and can understand why Channel 4 refer to it as the greatest TV series in history. The gallows humour, heartache, double-crossing, jealousy and delicious dialogue are delivered by a host of wonderful performances, backed by sublime musical cuts which seemed to be made for this show.

My wife and I sat down yesterday evening to view the controversial swansong, after the aforementioned two week gap form the final screening date, and I have to admit this was something we'd kept putting off. You see, we both loved the character of Tony S. just as we had grown fond of 'Junior', Meadow, AJ and Carmela, not to mention Paulie who may well turn out to be one of our absolute favourites. We were both hooked, and were reluctant to lose our newfound friends and watch Tony get blown away. As it turned out, David Chase delivered what we both agreed to be a perfect ending which left the viewer to make up his/her own mind and if Tony never saw or heard it coming, the cat most definitely did.

Now, we have the season 1 boxset and will certainly add the rest to our collection whenever cashflow permits.

In truth, I've never been a television addict with just a handful of shows compelling me to tune in next week: HILL STREET BLUES, THE TWILIGHT ZONE, THE X FILES, TWIN PEAKS and the BBC drama OUR FRIENDS IN THE NORTH were always a must-see as far as I was concerned. Now, I have a new addition to the family and look forward to going back to the start.

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