Friday, 6 February 2009


Lux Interior - front man in The Cramps - passed away on Wednesday morning. He was suffering from a heart condition, and died at the Glendale Memorial Hospital, California. Lux formed The Cramps in 1976, who went on to become a popular cult act in many countries, including the UK. With albums like 'Songs The Lord Taught Us' and 'Psychedelic Jungle', The Cramps established a loyal following, and built up a reputation for weird and wonderful concerts including their legendary show at the Napa State Mental Hospital in 1978.

I was lucky enough to see them live on 2 occasions; the second of which was a gig at the Birmingham Odeon. This particular concert started very late and we were faced with heading back home before The Cramps took to the stage or staying and sleeping rough in Brum. No contest! Along with Iggy Pop, Lux delivered some of the most demented stagework I've had the pleasure of witnessing. Lux passed away aged 60. Gone but not forgotten. The legend lives on!


  1. I never got the chance to see them, but I've been a big fan of the Cramps since I can remember. I was so shocked and sad to hear of his passing. He'll be sorely missed. R.I.P.

  2. Oh wow. I saw the cramps back in the later bit of the 80s- an awesome show and a great frontman he will be missed

  3. Steve,

    Real sad news. As usual, I envy your live music experience...twice, huh?! Wow. A highlight of the concert film URGH! A MUSIC WAR is the Cramps' appearance and, in particular, Lux Interior's manic, physical stage antics. I can't recall which song they perform.

    I awarded you with a Premio Dardos Award, Steve, but have no email to inform you so you'll just have to visit my blog to claim it. Drop by when you have a chance.

  4. Sad news, Keith. They were one in a series of US bands that were dearly loved over here.
    Glad you got to see 'em, Nigel. A seriously great band, and one terrific performer.
    Have yet to see URGH! A MUSICAL WAR, Ned, but will endeavour to check it out soonest. Thanks so much for the award. I'll head over to your blog in the next few. Greatly appreciated.

  5. I was also saddened by this news. I always loved The Cramps' insane psychobilly freakout music and love for all things trashy and kitsch. I always felt that if John Waters had ever had his own talk show they should've been his house band.

  6. Thanks, JD. Lovely connection with JW. Man, wish I'd written that.