Saturday, 21 March 2009


Probably England's best loved theme park, Alton Towers is located in the grounds of a former stately home in the county of Staffordshire. The estate dates back to before 1000BC and became a fortress for a Saxon king. A castle was built there after the Norman Conquest, but was destroyed during the English Civil War. Today, the site is home to a number of exciting attractions, with white-knuckle rides rubbing shoulders with monorail trains, cable car rides and many live events including all-night ghost hunts.

Alton Towers is rich in supernatural lore, with several reports of a lady dressed in black who has been seen walking the corridors of the towers; a strong smell of lavender perfume hanging heavy in the air. A tall man dressed in Victorian clothing has also been seen, and staff and visitors have reported having stones and sundry objects thrown at them on many occasions.
In 2006, Alton Towers gave members of the public full access to the towers and grounds, with the first of a series of all-night ghost hunts. Mediums, seances, workshops and guided tours are just a few of the features and tools on hand to ensure an evening of chills and thrills for those curious to see whether the Towers' haunted history will yield any sightings or paranormal phenomena.

These events are held throughout the year, with next one pencilled in for 11th April. Cost of a ticket will be approx £65, and the ghost hunt runs from 8.00pm - 5.00am. Places are strictly limited, and you will be able to find out dates and all the important details by googling Alton Towers Ghost Hunts. Alton Towers is only around 10 miles from where we live, and we hope to attend one of these events when cash flow permits.

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