Monday, 3 January 2011


i was absolutely gutted to hear the sad news that Peter Postlethwaite passed away yesterday evening.
Of course, Peter was one of our national treasures, and started his love for the creative arts as a drama teacher, before moving on to the stage.
Roles with The Royal Shakespeare company became a stepping stone to highly acclaimed work in television and feature films, where Peter matured into one of the finest actors of his generation.
THE USUAL SUSPECTS and BRASSED OFF are just two of the films he'll be remembered for, demonstrating real range and an ability to get right inside his characters.

Peter left us at the age of 64, and will be sadly missed by the world of cinema and beyond. RIP big fella.


  1. We're very much in agreement here. And 2010 was very good for him with INCEPTION, THE TOWN, and CLASH OF THE TITANS. I loved seeing him in whatever character he appeared. He will be missed. Thanks, Steve.

  2. Thanks, Michael. One of those folks you just can't believe has gone.

  3. Your site is the first I've seen of this. Thanks for the update. Gosh I loved the guy in so many films. This one is a little stunning. He's the last person you'd expect to see. Take care. SFF.

  4. I know how you guys feel. It's crazy that he's gone but I do remember watching THE TOWN and being shocked at how frail he looked but he still delivered the goods and was dynamite in it.

    I'll always remember him fondly for his performance in THE USUAL SUSPECTS. For what little screen time he had, he made the most of it.

  5. Thanks, SF. Came as a big shock. He really did make his mark in so many films.

    Cheers, JD. TUS is probably the film most of us will think of. Also loved him in Brassed Off. A gem of a film that perfectly captured its era.