Sunday, 6 February 2011

15 favourite live acts #3

Wembley Stadium. The home of English football and a venue I'd already experienced on 2 occasions, prior to this special concert.
Like all fans of The Who, I was saddened by the passing of Keith Moon and wished I'd had the chance to see him pounding the skins onstage. Still, when news came through the band were to play Wembley, I knew I had to bag a ticket and travel to London for what promised to be a top day and night of music.

So, on 18th August 1979, I joined 93,000 people to watch a trio of bands perform and lead us to the main event.
First up was Nils Lofgren who entertained the crowd for just under an hour and even threw a few somersaults. Next up was AC/DC who - as usual - provided great value for money. I'd already seen this band on 3 occasions in Derby, and while I preferred watching them in smaller venues, they certainly raised the roof here.

Just before dusk, The Stranglers took the stage and proceeded to play a large part of their forthcoming album "The Raven", which was released one month after this gig. Bit disappointing for those who wanted a 'greatest hits' set but they set things up nicely for the band we were all waiting for.

So, the scene was set. It was now dusk, searchlights swept round the arena and the band took to the stage and blasted straight into "Substitute" as the crowd went crazy.
Of course, Mooney was sadly missed but this was one hell of a gig with the crowd singing along to every word. Indeed, when the line "It's only teenage wasteland" came up, I swear just about everyone in England could hear the Wembley choir.
A memorable concert and easily one of my favourite live experiences for a ticket price of £8.


  1. What an awesome experience this must have been! Thanks, Steve.

  2. Thanks, Michael. Feel very lucky to have been there.