Monday, 31 December 2007


We're just under 3 hours away from the new year as I type this, and it's time to shut down my PC for the last time in 2007. I'd like to thank everyone who has taken time to stop by and look at this blog and those who have left comments; particularly Jeremy (Moon In The Gutter and Nostalgia Kinky blogs), Herman (Bloody Italiana blog) and Kimberley (Cinebeats blog). Such kindness and support helps keep me going, as I realise my writing requires much improvement and I need to post more frequently. I also need to lose some of my 172 pounds (too heavy for a guy standing just 5ft 5"). So, I guess the above are my new year's resolutions. I'd just like to close by wishing you all a happy and safe new year.


  1. I really love your blog and your support at mine has also been greatly appreciated.
    We have lots of similar tastes in film and music so it has been a pleasure.
    Keep up the great work Steve and have a great new year.

  2. Thanks, Jeremy. All the very best for the new year and I'm looking forward to reading all your future work.