Monday, 7 January 2008


The high definition strategies of Toshiba and Microsoft were thrown into disarray on the eve of The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. A decision late last week by Warner Bros to release hi-definition DVDs only in Sony's Blu-ray format may go a long way to deciding the winner of this format war. Indeed, many folks are predicting that Blu-Ray - long regarded as the clear favourite - will soon be celebrating in style. Although there are dissenting voices coming from the opposition camp, it seems likely that Blu-Ray will indeed clean up in the near future. Of course, many will have mixed feelings about this; particularly those who plumped for HD and the ability to select films that were not region coded. Once the dust has settled, punters will have the choice to continue for SD DVD or jump straight into a new format. To be honest, I wasn't especially thrilled by the new technology. First of all, a new TV would be required - either LCD or Plasma- followed by a new DVD player. Fine if you have deep pockets, but financially prohibitive if your spare income is limited.

My wife and I went shopping earlier today, and I just had to stop at the Sony Centre when something caught my eye. There, on a 52" LCD TV, was a Blu-Ray film in all its glory. Wow! PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST looked amazing, and now I want one of those, even though I know the closest we'll get is winning some hardware in a competition. The delights of DVD collecting can be an expensive business, and I'll be posting on this subject later this week.


  1. I keep hearing this region coding stuff about Blu-Ray, but have not really found it a problem so far. There are few titles that I can obtain from the US (where they are so much cheaper) that will not play on my UK PS3. The worst thing from my point of view is that NO next-generation players (Blu or HD) allow me to play my vast collection of non region 2, standard definition DVDs. I almost bought a HD-DVD player before I found this out, but ended up getting a PS3 for its media streaming abilities as well as the jump into HD.

  2. Thanks for your informative post, Mick. Good to read that you've had few problems with regard to this coding business. Re-assuring for those who are ready to make the jump.