Tuesday, 11 March 2008


My wife rented EASTERN PROMISES on DVD yesterday, giving us our first viewing of this film since we caught the UK prem at the London Film Festival last October. I'm pleased to report we are just as enthusiastic second time around, with several performances growing in strength and stature. Although our tastes in film quite often differ, we do find common ground every now and then and as my wife also holds DEAD RINGERS in high regard, I must get round to introducing her to some more delights from Cronenberg's filmography. One thing that did disappoint me regarding the EASTERN PROMISES release is the absence of a commentary track from the great man himself. Back in the days of Laserdisc, Cronenberg delivered commentary tracks for DEAD RINGERS and CRASH, and the lion's share of his DVDs have been graced by his recorded thoughts. I'm sure I can't be the only one who is mildly annoyed by this omission, and wonder if an upgraded release may be in the pipeline for the near future? David Fincher's ZODIAC was one release I held off getting because I'd heard there would be a special edition following the initial release (full marks to Fincher for insisting this was made public at the time, thus allowing people to make an informed choice), though it will be September before it sees light of day in the UK. As much as I love EASTERN PROMISES, I believe I'll wait a while and see if DC takes the mic once more for the latest in a special series of talks.


  1. I have actually held off buying this disc because I suspect a full blow special edition is coming...I love Cronenberg's commentaries and really want one for this one...

  2. Thanks Jeremy. They had best deliver or there will be blood!!