Sunday, 9 March 2008


After spending a 'delightful' morning listing some of my DVD and record collection on Ebay, I decided to take a gander at the forthcoming attractions in my DVD rental club. One future release hit me straight between the eyes. April 28th sees the release of Dario Argento's THE THIRD MOTHER, which has been passed uncut for home viewing by our old friends at the BBFC. With all the current furore regarding cinema and DVD by certain British MPs (nothing better to do with your time?), I'm pleased this has been passed before the shit really does literally hit the fan with regard to what we will be allowed to see in the future. I've deliberately steered clear of trailers, reviews and general chit-chat concerning this film as I prefer to view with the bare minimum of knowledge regarding its background. I'd like to think this will perhaps signal a return to form for the Italian maestro but, since THE STENDHAL SYNDROME, I've been let down so many times I hardly dare hope that we'll be transported back to his glory days. I remember seeing the UK prem of THE STENDHAL SYNDROME at a film festival in London where Argento was joined by his daughter Asia for an onstage interview. During this special event, Alan Jones asked Dario if he would ever make the final part of 'The Three Mothers' trilogy, and Argento all but ruled this out. I think, at the time, most of us hoped that he would relent but after years of disappointing releases, I for one am more than a little nervous of being in the position where I wished he'd quit while he was ahead. So, April 28th is marked deep red in my diary. I hope for a successful end to this trilogy but whatever happens, SUSPIRIA and INFERNO will still be as good as ever.


  1. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it...and am looking forward to finally seeing it so I can post my own...

  2. Been a long wait for this one, Jeremy. Let's hope he does the biz this time round.