Friday, 30 May 2008


A friend of mine asked me to log onto to Blue Underground's web site after I finished work today, and suggested I check out the Blu-Ray section. No further information was volunteered. I'd known for a while that BU intended to release selected titles on this new format and last checked their site just over a week ago. So, I headed over there and saw the Blu-Ray section had been updated. You can check out the list of opening titles by clicking on
I'm certainly excited by the likes of MANIAC, THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE and THE STENDHAL SYNDROME appearing on Blu-ray and look forward to future announcements. While we are unable to afford a Blu-Ray player at the moment, our new television at least means we are one step closer .
The TV my wife won in the radio comp arrived one week ago. Although it wasn't a Pansonic (as we'd been lead to believe), we are delighted with our new set. It's a 32" Samsung - a perfect size for our small one-room flat - HD ready, and the picture quality is way better than our old secondhand TV. The sound is also a massive improvement which is particularly nice as I suffer from Meniere's Disease which has taken away a chunk of hearing from my right ear; a condition which will likely get worse and not better, so I'm advised. Now, I can make out dialogue a lot better than before, and this makes the DVD experience a lot more pleasurable. As for the Sky HD prize.... well, we could not get permission to have a dish installed on the building but Sky have agreed that my mother can have the receiver for one year's free viewing, which will replace her old Sky box for that period and enable her to record programmes onto the built-in hard drive(and save around £360 on subscriptions in the process). Now, I just have to see if the missus can win a comp for a Blu-ray....


  1. Congrats on the new TV. I am asking for one for X-Mas as I have had the same one for almost 16 years now! Blu-Ray will hopefully be in my future soon as well and those BU titles will be among my first upgrades.
    Enjoy the new set!

  2. Thanks, Jeremy. Hope you get that new TV before this year is out.
    It's good news that the likes of BU and Criterion have gone Blu-Ray, and their first batch of releases have some essential titles on board. Hope we both get to try 'em out before too much longer.