Wednesday, 14 May 2008


If any of you resident in the UK were listening to Virgin Radio at 6.40am this morning, you may have heard an American lady explaining why Sean Connery is her hero. Well, that was my wife. She was chosen to compete head to head in a competition with a fellow listener, and talk for 30 seconds which went exactly like this.
Sean Connery is number one in my league of extraordinary gentlemen. His smouldering accent leaves me shaken, not stirred, and that smile puts me in double O seventh heaven. I'd give a lot more money than a penny to be in his company, but my Doctor might say no. Ah well, he's just another medicine man, and you only live twice after all. Sean is a real gem and, just like diamonds, he's forever.
As she's been blessed with a glorious singing voice, she sang the last five words and was delighted to hear the DJ declare, "Brilliant! You've won" So, we will soon be taking delivery of a 32" Panasonic LCD TV which will be a very nice replacement for our second hand 28" Samsung tube TV which was about on its last legs. She also won a year's subscription to Sky HD which we won't be able to take advantage of as we live in a 'listed' building, which means that absurd regulations state we are not allowed to put a satellite dish on the building. Anyway, I'm thrilled by her success and winning an HD ready set means I will be able to hook up a Blu Ray player when cash flow (and price reductions) permit.
Today also saw the arrival of my rental copy of THE THIRD MOTHER; a film which seemed to carry its own curse as this title was lost in the post when my rental company despatched a copy to me last week. Unfortunately, work commitments and various chores make it likely that it will be Friday or Saturday evening before I get chance to view it (and even that depends on how much sleep I get, thanks to noisy tenants in the apartment just two foot above our heads). Needless to say, I look forward to watching Dario's latest film and also to finally reading what others think of it.


  1. Nice one Mrs Steve!
    I would probably still get another Playstation 3 if in the market for another Blu-Ray player, as you can do so much more with one and Sony have been keeping it bang-up-to-date with the latest software. I don't even play games on mine.

    On a different tack, as a Sunderland fan, I would like to thank this year's Derby team for taking away so many of our awful records in the Premier League (and first division for that matter). Mind you I can see Stoke doing even poorer next year. I despair for the health of English football.

  2. Cheers Mick! Yep,a PS3 would make for a good investment, even though, like you, I'm not a gamer.
    I've heard the PS3 is a damn good Blu-Ray, so it's a toss-up between that and the new Panasonic, both of which will probably be old models by the time I'm in the chair for one.
    I agree with you re the health of English football. We didn't spend enough, kept too many of the previous championship side and had too many faint hearts who didn't put any effort in. Good luck to Sunderland next season. You have a good boss in Keano who will keep you on the straight and narrow. Be nice if somone like Sunderland could break into the top 4 but it's practically a closed shop at the mo.Thanks for stopping by and for taking time to comment.

  3. The PS3 is not only a fantastic BR player, but the upscaling of standard definition DVDs is (hunts for another superlative) brilliant. The only downside is that no-one has worked out how to get it to play non-region-2 DVDs. This is a major pain in the bum, as 3/4 of my bought collection are R1.
    I bought the latest Oppo DVD player for this reason and it is fantastic, but at 300 quid is a bit of a stretch(but cheap considering my first Sony DVD player was 525quid).
    Of the Blu-Ray discs I have got so far "2001" blew my sock off. A film from 1968 looking that fantastic was a tribute to Big Stan. There were very few scenes where the set was noticeable, but overall it was fantastic. I am waiting for my favourite three films to hit blu-ray before I go into total meltdown: John Carpenter's "The Thing" Rid Scott's "Alien" and Ozu Yasujiro's "Tokyo Story".

    PS I went to Keano's first game which was at Pride Park. I loved the atmosphere, but I was with 5000 SAFC fans.

    PPS my girlfriend went to Derby College, so I know the town pretty well. And I am from Doncaster really, despite being exiled to Poole (in Dorset, cos I didn't know where it was before I got a job here).

  4. Cheers, Mick! I would say that 2001 will almost certainly be the first Blu disc I'll purchase, and I like your wishlist. The Thing will be awesome, I'm sure. I've got the missus doing compos for PS3's and Panna blu-ray players so you never know... The day we see Bava and Argento on BR will see me join you in meltdown.
    Always a good atmosphere when your lot are in town. Used to really rate Roker Park, but not been to the SOL yet.
    Fingers crossed your hometown team beat Leeds.
    Thanks for stopping by.