Friday, 5 September 2008


At long last, our moral guardians at the BBFC have seen fit to grant LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT uncut status for home viewing. This controversial film has a chequered history here, being rejected on it's 1st submission for cinema release in 1974 and turned down again for theatrical screenings in 2000. It was submitted again - this time for DVD/video - in 2001, and was finally passed 6 months later with 16seconds worth of cuts. Following an appeal by Blue Underground in 2002, the Video Appeals Committee doubled the cuts to 31 seconds and cult horror fans were forced to resort to importing uncut DVDs from abroad. Now, the BBFC have sanctioned a uncut release for home viewing and fans can look forward to a 3 disc special edition which replicates many of the features on the 2 disc Anchor Bay release, with a few additions.

Disc one will include a commentary track from Wes Craven and Sean S. Cunningham, and a second commentary from David Hess, Marc Sheffler and Fred Lincoln. There's also 'Celluloid Crime Of The Century' making of… documentary (40 mins)- 'Scoring Last House…' featurette with David Hess- 'Krug Conquers England' charting the theatrical tour of the first ever UNCUT screening of the film in the UK- 20 mins of outtakes and dailies- US theatrical trailer- TV spots- Radio spots.

The second disc features 'Krug & Company': a rare alternate version of the film, and an interview with Carl Daft of Exploited Films who took the BBFC to court over the films banned status. This second disc will also contain world exclusive never before seen footage that has only recently been discovered.

Disc 3 contains: Going To Pieces: The Rise & Fall Of The Slasher Film" feature length documentary on the 'slasher' film phenomenon that followed "Last House…".- Filmmakers' commentary,- Deleted scenes- Horror film quiz.

LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT will be released on 13th October by Second Sight, and distributed by Metrodome. You should be able to pick this one up for around £14.99. I've long ceased trying to work out the kind of logic that operates within BBFC headquarters, but it's good to see them regain their collective senses and do the right thing at long last. Full marks to Second Sight for putting together what looks like the ultimate package.


  1. I'm glad that you Brits can finally get this film uncut. Sounds cool to me. I haven't seen this one in years though. Been wanting to see it again real soon.

  2. It's about bloody time we got the full English breakfast with this one, Keith. Have to see if I can smuggle this one past the missus as I'm on a DVD buying ban at the moment. Only temporary, I assure you.One powerful film is Last House and this package is just about definitive.