Friday, 12 September 2008


Just added a Twitter widget to this blog. I'd never heard of this message service until I checked out Ian Smith's excellent Irascible blog. If you have yet to encounter his work, please hit the link on my list of blogs over on the right. Ian's knowledge of all things computer-related never fails to amaze me and he's got a keen eye and a way with words for the world of movies, too. I'm just going to use Twitter as a record for my wanderings, to maybe swap messages with fellow users and also to record blogs I visit whenever there's something I want to share with you all.
Next up on The Last Picture Show will be a piece on my all-time favourite music venue: the Marquee Club which, for many years, made its home in London's Wardour Street.


  1. I had heard of Twitter, but really didn't know what in the world it is.

  2. You were one up on me, Keith, as I'd never heard of it until I saw Ian's blog(s).