Friday, 5 December 2008


Thanks to everyone who voted in my poll regarding the best incarnation of James Bond.

The results are:

Sean Connery 38%

George Lazenby 11%

Roger Moore 17%

Timothy Dalton 2%

Pierce Brosnan 5%

Daniel Craig 23%

As expected, Connery took top spot, but nice to see Daniel Craig making such an impact, two films into his 007 career.


  1. Yeah Steve no surprises at all there. Funny really, there is nothing more English than Bond and Connery has never been one to compromise with accents whether he supposed to be American, irish or Russian. But the way Connery plays it is easy to accept him as the English gent spy and overlook the accent.

  2. Yep, he was a good Bond, Nigel. Only real surprise to me was how 'The Smirker' figured so high.

  3. could be the live and let die factor? saw that one at the local flicks along with such classics as Kelly's Heroes. Fucking hell Steve I miss the days before the multiplex.

    I have been to a cinema once in the last decade- and regreted the whole sorry expensive experience watching movies cut like an MTV vid.

    Where did it all go wrong?

    this may sound off topic but i recently lost my job- so its in my interest to save money, on the other hand its in my interest for other people to spend money (to create jobs) but other people are saving too.

    I love the vhs era, but, i think we did the same- it was in my interest to watch the warriors or cannibal holocaust, but hoped others would keep the fleapits open.

    We fucked up along the way, now we have a multiplex 20 miles away and when I grew up the cinema was in the village and showed what today is called grindhouse movies. Food For The Gods packed out the house as did 7 Golden vampires- then in the early 80s we were busy doing our thing.
    Sorry for the non James bond rant but so many of my childhood cinema memories were Bond related, as a kid one of the most exciting things io had ever seen was the car going underwater in Spy Who Loved Me- and none of these memories involve cinema warehouses.

  4. Some great memories, Nigel. I recall when we had a cinema in our town. Staple diet of Hammer on the big screen: sometimes we'd get in, other times we were turned away.Group of schoolkids out to see the laest horrors and lust after Linda Hayden and co. Now, we have a brand new multi 14 miles away and there's a world of difference. Since I got married, I go to cinema around once every 6 weeks or so, and buy practically no DVDs. My wife loves the movies and I love taking her out so it's our big treat whenever we can afford to go . Prior to that, I spent my time at film fests, football matches and gigs. Although I also have fond memories of Bond at the cinema, I sort of gave up after Sean buggered off and caught Moore and co on TV. Now, I can fill in those new release gaps via Lovefilm rental but miss those days when we got a 3rd gen copy of Venus In Furs and thought it was the dogs bollocks.

  5. I'm not surprised by the top choice. He's always been my favorite 007. There will never been another Bond quite like Connery. I was shocked that Pierce had such a low score.