Friday, 5 December 2008


Continuing my weekly look at some of the excellent work being done on the many blogs out there. This time, please head over to the I SPIT ON YOUR TASTE blog where you'll find a comprehensive look at the Italian film TO BE TWENTY aka BEING TWENTY
As Nigel indicates, this is a work in progress so I hope you'll continue to check it out during the course of this month.


  1. OMFG steve, I am humbled. I ve just called my wife over to read this- just going to add though that the To Be Twenty Posts are a bit of a work in progress and will be blogging on this film throughout December, 5 posts in and I havent got past the opening credits yet!! hehe. There is so much i want to write about this movie, its an overlooked classic.

  2. That's cool, Nigel. Look forward to the rest.

  3. Hey Steve. I'm enjoying those posts myself. I've never seen this film so it's helping me learn a lot about it. Nigel does a good job at his blog on all the films he covers.