Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Those who regularly check the live web cam on London's Leicester Square would have been privy to the red carpet treatment as yesterday evening, the square played host to the European Premiere of THE DARK KNIGHT. Hundreds of fans - many in fancy dress - watched as a Batmobile careered around shooting flames before pulling up in front of The Odeon. Fittingly, the cast wore dark coloured clothing to mourn the loss of Heath Ledger, who plays The Joker.

We're greatly looking forward to attending the film when I get my next day off work, but wish we could have made it to London for this most special event. The Odeon hosts many important movie events , and anyone who has ever set foot inside this vibrant area of the West End will know it has a magic all of its own. Check out the following link http://www.radissonedwardian.co.uk/leicester-sq-webcam.html

You'll have a choice of views from several different cams. You never know who you'll see!


  1. That is so awesome. I'm really wanting to see this film myself. It was sold out this past weekend here. Plus I'm waiting until my sis can go with me. She's a big fan and wants to see it with me.

  2. Yes, we can't wait to see this. We should be going one week today. We'd heard it had broke box office records in The States for opening weekend, and the anticipation over here grows by the hour. Hope you and your sister really enjoy it.