Monday, 7 July 2008


Peter Weir fans will be delighted by the three disc special edition of PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK which has just been released in the UK by Second Sight. Disc one contains the Director's Cut, while the 2nd disc features the original theatrical version. Both are anamorphic widescreen.

The 3rd disc has some great extras including: 'A Dream Within A Dream' - the 120 minute documentary, 'The Day Of St Valentine'(1st screen adaptation), an audio interview with Karen Robson, scenes deleted for the Director's Cut and a Joan Lindsay interview. There's also a featurette: 'Hanging Rock And Martindale Hall - Then And Now' and 'A Recollection - Hanging Rock 1900'.

Weir's classic really deserves the 'fully loaded' treatment so jump all over this one! The original version is currently unavailable in any territory, which makes this a pretty essential purchase . This deluxe edition can be found online for £11.99.


  1. I have an Austrailian import of this that I believe contains everything this has except the original theatrical cut...the extras are fantastic with special note going to the long documentary, which is one of the best I have ever seen on a film...

  2. Thanks for your comments, Jeremy. Great to hear that doc is so good. I'll have to pick up a copy very soon I think.

  3. Waw, thanks for pointing this one out! I am a big fan of this movie since my childhood and was always intrigued with the dream like behaviour of the girls and the disappearence of them! You can imangine when being a child my imagination got more than triggered about what might have happened to them! LOL