Tuesday, 29 July 2008


Wednesday 30th July sees the UK premiere of I WANT TO BELIEVE, the new X-Files movie, at The Empire Leicester Square. Those of us who can't be there may wish to check out a couple of webcams situated on the square, which will hopefully give decent views of this major event.

The first of the above links offers several cams (which are sometimes slow to respond so stick with it when you change views), while the second link states the streaming webcam views will change when there is a film premiere on. Jeremy Richey offers an early look at this film in his excellent blog http://mooninthegutter.blogspot.com/ and I'll be keen to read his thoughts when we've seen the film, which should be on 6th August. Like Jeremy, I'm a big fan of this excellent series and greatly look forward to viewing this brand new offering. Before that, my wife and I will be catching THE DARK KNIGHT tomorrow in the Director's Hall at the new Cinema De Lux in Derby. While we have been mightily impressed by our new cinema, we have yet to see a film in the Director's Hall which, by all accounts, is an even bigger step up in terms of sheer luxury. With all the publicity surrounding TDK, some of my friends have expressed a doubt that it may not live up to the hype. Somehow, I think we're in for a most enormous treat.


  1. Thanks for the link Steve...the reception this film has received here has left me very depressed to say the least...also I just tagged you in a fun meme at Moon if you care to check it out...as always no pressure to join in if you don't care to.

  2. It seems that this film has gotten a lot of mixed reaction here. Most of my friends didn't like it. I also know it didn't do well at the box office. I still wanna see it. I'll probably wait until it hits DVD though.

  3. Thanks, Jeremy. Sorry to hear this film has not been well received in The States. Shame that folks build up expectations and aren't receptive to anything outside their idea of what the film should be like.
    Cheers, Keith! Hope you get chance to see it on the big screen, but the DVD will doubtless follow pretty quick.