Sunday, 26 October 2008


With the latest Bond film primed for relase on 31st October, I thought it would prove interesting to canvass opinion regarding who has proved to be the best James Bond to date. So, if you can spare a few seconds to cast your vote, head over to the poll on the right. While it may be a shade to early to judge Daniel Craig, I have to say I was enormously impressed by his performance in CASINO ROYALE . Craig also shone in the BBC drama OUR FRIENDS IN THE NORTH - a riveting nine-part series which still ranks as one of the finest slices of television screened on these shores - and it's particularly gratifying to follow his success here.

We're chomping at the bit to see QUANTUM OF SOLACE but work commitments (not for the first time) have thrown a spanner in the works. So, instead of catching this film on the opening day, we'll have to wait until 7th November to take our seats and engage in another bout of Bond fever. A disappointing delay, but all good things come to he who waits!


  1. The movie doesn't come out here until Nov. 14th. I can't wait to see it. I always look forward to the next 007 adventure. I just voted in your poll. Connery is my favorite, but I actually like all of them. I watched OHMSS again this weekend. I was reminded how much I love that film. I do think Craig's doing a good job so far. I loved Casino Royale. I'm interested to see him as Bond again.

  2. My vote would be for Connery as well. The man brought such Alpha Male swagger to his role and there was a real dangerous streak to the way he seemed to relish taking out baddies in every film! I don't think anyone since with the exception of Daniel Craig has showed the same kind of menace as Connery. And it sounds like this new Bond is even leaner and meaner than CASINO ROYALE!

  3. Thanks, chaps. Hope you both enjoy the film when it opens.
    I think Connery is my own favourite BC (before Craig) though I haven't voted yet.
    I'm a big fan of OHMSS, Keith.
    Agree with you, JD. Sean's Bond really enjoyed putting 'em to the sword

  4. What I loved about Connery's 007 is that he could be charming and cruel. He had this cool swagger about him, but don't let that cockiness fool ya. He could be brutal and ruthless when he had to. He was a tough guy. I definitely Craig's 007 is the closest to the way that Connery played the role as well as the character in the books. This film definitely seems to be more leaner and meaner. I can't wait to see it.