Friday, 21 November 2008


Thanks to everyone who took time out to vote in my poll regarding DVD buying habits during what is obviously a difficult time for the economy.
I asked: Compared to last year, are you buying more DVDs, about the same, less or none until things get better. The results:

More 22%

About the same 22%

Less 29%

None until things get better 26%

Clearly, the current recession has forced a fair percentage of folks to cut down on their leisure spending, which is bad news for us and the industry.


  1. Good poll. Unless it's something I really want, I'm having to cut back. I've got less hours and pay than last year at this time. Things aren't turning around here anytime soon no matter who's in office. DVDs are just one of those things that have to take a backseat to paying my bills and eating.

  2. I fully agree, Keith. The cost of living keeps rising with BIG hikes in utility bills, and rising unemployment means many of us have to cut back just in case the unthinkable happens. Not much fun, but best to be cautious.