Sunday, 16 November 2008


An Alternative Derby, by Johnny Vincent, will be nostalgic reading for those of us who frequented The Kings Hall, Cleo's, The Ajanta and The Rainbow Club. It was at those venues where I caught the likes of The Clash, The Jam, The Slits, Crass, SLF, Subway Sect, Joy Division and many other punk bands. Johnny's book promises a journey through the Derby uk music scene from 1976 to about 2000 and the joys of being on the dole, trying to form a band and trying to escape the hang mans noose of retail.This book has interviews with many of the people on the punk scene, and we have a look at many of the venues that the bands played in.
I'm sure this book will provoke feelings of joy and also a little sadness, as many of the readers will get to re-experience a part of their lives which are captured in the pages of UK music history. Although I'm unable to rush straight out and order a copy, the book is on my Christmas present list and a full review will follow.


  1. I definitely hope you're able to get a copy. I'm sure it is always neat to read a book that will remind you of places that you've been to in the past and bands we once saw. Many times it's our major way of having those memories since many of those places or bands are no longer around.

  2. I'm sure I'll get a copy, Keith. It's about time someone put together a book on the music scene in Derby as we have a load of history where music is concerned.