Friday, 2 October 2009


Here are the spec for the forthcoming DAWN OF THE DEAD UK Blu-ray release from Arrow Films.

Disc One (Blu Ray):

Theatrical Cut in High Definition
DTS HD and Stereo Audio.
Commentary 1 with George A Romero, Tom Savini and Chris Romero.
Commentary 2 with Richard P. Rubinstein
Document of the Dead - the classic documentary
Document of the Dead: The Lost Interview and Deleted Scenes
Fan of the Dead (mad French dude goes to visit the locations!)
Disc Two (DVD):

Director’s Cut of Dawn of the Dead
The Dead Will Walk Documentary (the stunning 2004 documentary)
Disc Three (DVD):

Argento Cut of Dawn of the Dead
Scream Greats (brilliant Tom Savini documentary)
Publicity Vault containing:
US and German Trailers
TV and Radio Spots
Giallo Trailers (Macabre, Sleepless and House by the Cemetery)

DAWN will be released on 19th October, and will initially be a HMV exclusive.


  1. After replying to your email, I decided to see if you had posted a new blog post. Glad I checked. That sounds awesome. I love Dawn of the Dead. My bro is planning to get a Blu-Ray player. Enjoy the weekend. Cheers!

  2. I'm sure your brother will be delighted with his new purchase.
    Maybe Dawn will be one of his first purchases?
    I'm really looking forward to the UK release, which I believe will be the same transfer as the US Blu.