Saturday, 31 October 2009


An advert in the local paper caught my eye, concerning the listings at our nearest cinema. Tonight, the fab Cinema Delux in Derby will play host to a special Halloween all-nighter comprising of the six SAW films.If the prospect of sitting through every film is a little too daunting, there is an option to bag a ticket for the midnight screening of AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON.
Now, if I had the fortitude to sit through six genre movies on this most special of nights, I can think of a slightly more varied selection than the continuing adventures of Jigsaw.
Ok, here goes.

CASTLE OF BLOOD .You can read my review HERE

KILL, BABY..KILL! Up there with LISA AND THE DEVIL as my favourite Bava film. Read my review HERE

This may seem an odd choice to some, but Brad Anderson's chiller has all the trappings and moody content of an accomplished genre flick.
Set in the abandoned Danvers State Hospital, Peter Mullen leads a group of men who are charged with removing asbestos within a one week time frame.
As the men set to work, the eerie asylum affects the men in different ways, leading to a truly haunting finale. If you have yet to see this film, check out the trailer below and do your utmost to catch what is a remarkable study in terror.

Another old favourite that used to regularly haunt UK late-night TV. You can read my review HERE

Great book, great film. My thoughts on this superior spooker can be found HERE

Although I've long held the opinion that DEEP RED represents Dario Argento's finest hour, INFERNO is certainly my favourite in the Argento canon.. I've seen this wonderfully stylish film at the cinema, on video, Laserdisc and DVD and eargerly await a Blu-ray release. Enjoy the trailer below and remember that golden age where Argento unleashed the forces of darkness right inside your door.

Of course, there are so many films vying for a place in this top six: HORROR HOTEL; NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD; BLACK SABBATH; THE BEYOND; SUSPIRIA... the list goes on.
I'll be pleased if you can find time to compile your own choices in the comments.
Whatever you're doing and wherever you are, have a Happy Halloween.


  1. That's quite an All-Nighter, Steve. You've already covered some of mine. Right off the bat, An American Werewolf in London seems quite apropos for the start of this exchange between bloggers on either side of the Atlantic ;-). And the pairing of The Legend of Hell House and The Haunting (I just saw this again at a local revival theater last weekend) is par excellence as they are fantastic movie adaptations of great books by Richard Matheson and Shirley Jackson.

    I remember fondly staying up for a late TV showing of Romero's Night of the Living Dead in the 70's at a girlfriend's place for my first viewing of it... on Halloween night. J.D.'s recent look back at In The Mouth Madness is another perfect one for this night. I might as well include The Changeling to keep me creeped out, too. And let's close it out with Carpenter's masterpiece, Halloween.

    Whew! I'm going to have to catch up to Session 9, too. I've heard too many mention how good it is to not finally see this. Many thanks, Steve.

  2. Thanks, Michael. We'd have loved to take in last nights WEREWOLF screening. Be great to see this again on the big screen.
    I'm sure you enjoyed catching up with THE HAUNTING again. Must be really something to see this classic at a theatre.
    Good choice re THE CHANGELING. Recall seeing this week of release in London and it still retains its power to chill.
    Of course, Carpenter's HALLOWEEN is always a good choice for All Hallows Eve. I'm lucky enough to have this on Blu-ray and am amazed by the extra detail.
    Envy you with regard to a future 1st view of SESSION 9, and look forward to reading your thoughts.
    Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  3. Hey there. Great post as usual. Hope you've had a cool weekend. I had a fantastic Halloween here. We watched Halloween & A Nightmare On Elm Street. Take care. Cheers!

  4. Thanks, Keith. Nice choice of films. Glad you had a good Halloween.

  5. Neat post, I like your blog ovrall. I took in a lot of 'seasonal' selections myself this Hallow-weekend, including (but not limited to) THE DUNWICH HORROR, SAW VI, HALLOWEEN: H20, the original Chaney WOLF MAN and FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, VAN HELSING, and WARLOCK. :)

  6. - - oh, and P.S.: SESSION 9 is *fantastic*, great choice.

  7. Thank you, J.
    Some excellent choices. Good to encounter another Session 9 fan.

    Ah, been a while since I saw Dunwich. This one would grace any all-nighter.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  8. I certain echo other's praise of SESSION 9. What a creepy film! Talk about yer slow descents in madness. The pacing of this film is so well done and the cast (even David Caruso...gasp!) is note perfect. This is a truly unsettling film.

  9. Thanks, JD. It most definitely has that certain power which lies beyond the grasp of most dark motion pictures.